If you are thinking of a Baptism (also known as a Christening), Dedication or a Blessing for your child we'd be delighted to help. Your child is precious and how wonderful to give thanks for God's precious gift. 

Of course, older children or adults who have not been baptised as a child are also welcome to be baptised.

To make an enquiry please contact the Vicar, Rev Jane Atkinson 01253 969492 who will be delighted to talk to you.

You can find out more information about Church of England baptisms by choosing this link.

Weddings ​

Getting Married at St John's

There are certain rules that entitle you to be married in your Parish Church and these are known as 'qualifying connections'. Contact the Vicar, Rev Jane Atkinson who will be able to talk to you about what these are.
If you don't qualify to be married in church, you may want to consider having a blessing after a civil wedding. Please contact the Vicar for more details.

Weddings can be conducted at the church on most Saturdays,  week-days and under special circumstances on Sundays.​ The basic fee is agreed nationally by the Church of England each year. Additional fees may be added for any extra options you choose, for example the organist or for flower arranging, The Vicar will give you a breakdown of costs and tell you what the fee for your wedding will be.

How To Go About Organising Your Wedding

For an initial discussion please contact the the Vicar, Rev Jane Atkinson 01253 969492.

A meeting will be arranged to complete an application form with you and discuss various arrangements with you.

Banns of Marriage

There is a legal requirement to declare your intention of marrying. This is normally done by going to the Register Office where are Certificate is displayed continuously for 21 days or by having the Banns of Marriage read in your Parish Church on 3 consecutive Sundays within three months of the wedding. Normally, to be married in the Church of England, banns are read in the parish churches of both partners. If you both live in Little Thornton, the banns need only be read at St John's Church.

If one of you lives in another parish, the banns must also be read in that parish. The Vicar will help you identify the other parish, and who to contact so you can arrange for the banns to be read in that parish church. There is a fee to pay for the banns to be read in the other church. Once read, you must get a Banns Certificate from the Vicar of the other parish and give it to the Vicar of Little Thornton. This is a legal requirement for the wedding to proceed.